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As Intela Power Systems, we provide professional contracting (EPC) services with our specialized team in project management in line with customer needs. The steps we undertake in our contracted Projects:

Contracting Projects Undertaken:

Cogeneration and Trigeneration facilities

Turnkey cogeneration facilities.

  • In existing building or container
  • between 50kW-4500kW
  • With new or rectified gas engines
  • Natural gas, Biogas or landfill gas
  • Integration of waste heat recovery and absorption chiller to the existing plant

Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Turn the waste heat resources into useful energy in your facility.

  • Heat or electricity generation from waste heat by heat recovery.
  • High energy efficiency
  • Electricity, steam, hot water, hot air and hot oil production.
  • Cooling energy production from waste heat with absorption chiller.

Efficiency Increasing Projects

Industrial enterprises with a total annual energy consumption of 500 TOI (tons of oil equivalent) and above can benefit from incentives for their Efficiency Increasing Projects other than legal entities with electricity generation licenses.

  • Energy efficient equipment and system investments
  • Repair, insulation, rehabilitation and process regulation
  • Recovery of waste energy
  • Prevention of energy losses and leaks

Biomass Gasification Plants

It is the production of synthetic gas from organic wastes in high temperature and low oxygen environment. The flammable content of the gas mostly comes from H2, CO and CH4 gases. The produced gas can be converted into electricity within the scope of renewable energy with internal combustion engines (syngas engines). As Intela Power Systems, we provide the following services related to gasification:

  • Consultancy and engineering services related to gasification facilities
  • Gas cleaning systems
  • Installation of turnkey gasification facilities

Automation and SCADA systems

We design systems on a 24/7 basis by combining different systems with our team specialized in hardware and software for automation of energy facilities.

  • Generator control panels
  • Cogeneration Plant automation
  • Biogas plant automation
  • Factory process automation